• The Gospel According to Luke

    If we want to see Jesus, there is no better place to look than the gospels.

  • The Prayer of Jesus

    Each week at Calvary we pray together The Lord's Prayer. It is possible, if we are not careful, for this to become merely a rote exercise. In this series we will delve deeply into each part of the prayer, examining what exactly it is that Jesus teaches his disciples, so that we might pray and live faithfully.

  • Hebrews: Better Yet...

    In this sermon series through the book of Hebrews, we examine how Jesus is better than any other option. In fact, he is the only option!

    (25 sermons)

  • Leviticus: Holy God/Sinful People

    The Book of Leviticus is often viewed by Christians with a weary eye, filled with bloody mysterious sacrifices. In this series, we attempt to de-mystify Leviticus, showing how it ultimately points us to Christ Jesus.

    (10 sermons)

  • Titus: From Grace to Good Works

    An immensely practical book for us, in Titus, Paul instructs a young pastor how to properly order things in the church, and demonstrates that though we are saved by grace through faith alone, this saving faith will never be alone, but will necessarily lead to good works.

    (10 sermons)

  • The Bride of Christ

    A sermon series looking at the structure, values and vision of the church.

    (14 sermons)

  • The Coming Christ

    Advent 2013

    (5 sermons)

  • Divine Faithfulness: The Book of Ruth

    The Book of Ruth has been referred to as the greatest short story ever told.  Indeed, it has all the requisite elements: tragedy, disappointment, honor, unexpected plot turns, romance, intrigue, redemption, and hope born out of the most hopeless of circumstances.  Beyond these elements though, Ruth first and foremost points us to the covenantal faithfulness of God in all situations, no matter how bleak things might seem.  It is a faithfulness marked by steadfast love, a faithfulness that knows no bounds, a faithfulness that finds its ultimate culmination in the person and work of Christ Jesus, our Lord.

    (8 sermons)

  • Colossians...Christ: Before All Things

    In Colossians we gain a picture of the preeminence of Christ.

    (19 sermons)

  • The Road to Calvary

    Lent 2013

    (8 sermons)

  • Stand Alone Sermons

    Some sermons are not a part of a longer series. These might include, for instance, sermons for special occasions or sermons by guest preachers.